Suffering With Deafness After
Working for BT?

In 2010 BT admitted liability for exposing their engineers to excessive noise from oscillators and amplifiers, known commonly as 'tone sets'. If you've suffered permanent or partial hearing loss after working with tone sets then you maybe eligible to make a claim for compensation.


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Acoustic Shock from BT equipment

Acoustic Shock From BT equipment

The flood gates were lifted in 2010 for engineers to make a claim for compensation against BT for the loss of their hearing after using oscillators and amplifiers testing equipment. Engineers are able to claim using The Noise at Work Regulations (1989), which is supposed to prevent tthousands of BT engineers from being exposed to dangerous levels of noise at work. If you are one of the thousands of BT engineers who've suffered hearing loss after working for BT, then get in touch with us today to find out how you can make a claim for compensation, today.

What BT Engineers Didn't Know

For so long, BT telecommunication engineers were never told of the damage using tone sets could cause to their hearing. Whilst other professions have embraced The Noise at Work Regulations (1989), BT has been slow to admit liability and protect its engineers.

BT are Now Liable

In 2010 BT admitted that they had exposed their engineers to excessive high-pitched tones produced from their oscillators, whilst their engineers tested lines. Since then Mercury Legal have helped BT engineers like you claim compensation for their hearing loss.

Claiming Compensation From BT

If you believe that yor hearing has been affected after using line testing equipment whilst working for BT, then speak to us about a claim for compensation. But hurry, time limits apply when making a claiming your compensation from BT for hearing loss.

Why Mercury Legal

Since BT admitted liability in 2010, Mercury Legal have helped BT engineers claim thousands in compensation for their hearing loss. If you would like to find out how we can start your no win, no fee claim for compensation for your deafness, please call: 0800 122 3130.

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